About Me


Yes, this is me! My name is Tarcisius, your host. Welcome to my website, Voicing and Texting Scripture— a forum where I discuss with you how we negotiate hearing and reading the Bible.

My mission in life, if I may be allowed to sound grandiose for a moment, is to contribute to biblical literacy — both for the believer and unbeliever. Whatever money I may raise through this forum will go towards research and dissemination of my findings.

On this website, you will find some of the papers I have delivered, publications and discussions on biblical literacy. I hope you find something here to interest you. Let me know what you think of what you find here.

I am passionate about biblical literacy and the value of the classic that is the Bible. Whether you are a believer or not does not really matter. There is so much in the Bible to teach us about our identity as human beings and how we grapple with the big questions.

Feel free to read through some of the articles I have posted and leave your thoughts here or purchase my latest book here